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Blog 365

The cycles of the seasons is evident everywhere and is packaged into each  year with the passage of time.

This journal documents my best  images as well as memories of the past 12 months of capturing images of life and creation.

This journal is a perpetual rolling review  and images will be added and removed as time cycles ahead.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

  • Though the Light

    With the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge lit in teal color to bring attention to ovarian cancer, a laker arrives for another load of taconite.

  • Hot Air, Cool Night

    September brings longer nights to the Northland and there is nothing like a Hot Air Balloon Festival to keep you wam in Duluth.

  • Surf's Up!

    An April Noreaster stirs up Lake Superior into a powerful display wind and waves.

  • Sunrise Freighter

    The freighter Cornelia waits at anchor to load grain in Duluth.

  • Glensheen Stone Bridge

    Hidden away on the grounds of the historic Glensheen Estate, the stone bridge that crosses over Tishere Creek is a testament to the workmanship of the stone masons who built it in 1905.

  • Cold Weather Departure

    The Algolake departs Duluth on a frigid (-20F) December morning with the sun rising through the sea smoke to welcome the shiop back onto Lake Superior.

  • Autumn Arrival

    The 1000ft Paul R Tregurtha arrived in Duluth just as the light of dawn was breaking over Lake Superior.

  • CSL Assiniboine

    The CSL Assiniboine arrived in Duluth on a cold January morning wrapped in sea smoke from the frigid below zero temperatures.

  • Wave Power

    A late Spring Noreaster brough in powerful winds and heavy snow to the region.

  • Storm Front Passing Over Caribou Lake

    A roll cloud formations advanced quickly over Caribou Lake just prior to a powerful storm.

  • Lake Superior Getaway

    Bayfield is a special place on the shores of Lake Superior and acts as an entry point to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, the jewels of the lake.

  • Winter Sun Pillar

    A fast movong cold front cleared todays snowstorm with below zero temeratures and clearing skies.

  • Sea Smoke Sunrise

    -22F produces magnificent scenery around Lake Superior.

  • Gooseberry Upper Falls

    Gooseberry Falls State Park located 20 miles norther of Two Harbors is one of those must see places too visit in April.

  • Saint Louis River - Thomson

    High water flow in the St Louis River is making for some spectacular autumn pictures this year.

  • Autumn Flow - Gooseberry Falls

    Unusually high rainfall made it a great October for waterfall photography, especially at Gooseberry.

  • Daybreak at Palisade

    The first light of morning breaks over Lake Superior as the clouds caught the light for a brief moment before hiding the sun once again.

  • Waiting for the Light

    A photographer stands on the Duluth Lighthouse breakwall waiting for the sunrise on a cool September morning.

  • Sunrise Freighter

    The freighter Cornelia waits at anchor to load grain in Duluth.

  • Mushing to a win!

    Ryan Anderson guides his dogs through the snow on the last few miles of the 370 mile Joh Beargease Sled Dog Marathon.

  • October Sunset - Caribou Lake

    Days are getting shorter and the leaves are gone, but the good thing is, that sunsets are getting longer.

  • Aurora Borialis

    A passing solar storm triggered the Northern Lights into a midnight light show.

  • Deep Winter

    With lake ice thickening and long lasting sunsets upon us, the beauty of winter is revealed.

  • Daisy in a Bubble

    It seems impossible to stuff a flower into a dew drop, but, this is actually a refracted image within the drop of the larger flower placed behind it.