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April Fools

April Fools

April snow is especially beautiful, it clings to trees in radiant white, lasts a day or two and you’re back on the way to spring.
Today, I was determined to complete a list of tasks today before night-fall. But, as the fresh snow piled higher and higher, I began daydreaming what the local waterfalls would look like with a fresh coat of snow layered over the banks of the newly open rivers. So, like an addict being helplessly drawn back to his vice, I packed up my camera and headed into the whiteout.
The driving was poor, but the scenery at Chester Park in Duluth was fantastic. I trekked down to the cascading creek breathing in the cold damp snow as it fell in a thick blanket onto the branches and rocks below.
I moved slowly throughout the park, stopping to position my tripod in the fresh snowfall and trying to keep the heavy snow off the camera lens. As I carefully pushed aside tree branches, I would get an occasional avalanche of snow dropped on my head from overhanging trees. Except for the running water, there was an unusual hush throughout the park, almost like everything stopped to listen to the quiet.
After an hour in the wet snow, a trickle of icy water began dripping down my back. The snow was getting heavier and it was time to head home. I had had my fix for now, but I I will be back to enjoy more of God's created beauty as the seasons continue to change. Just as this springtime snow was a reminder of winter, God made this day as a reminder to us that our days are numbered; enjoy them.
He gives snow like wool; He scatters the frost like ashes. He casts forth His ice like crumbs; who can stand before His cold? Psalm 147:16