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Blog 365

The cycles of the seasons is evident everywhere and is packaged into each  year with the passage of time.

This journal documents my best  images as well as memories of the past 12 months of capturing images of life and creation.

This journal is a perpetual rolling review  and images will be added and removed as time cycles ahead.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

  • Lake Superior Getaway

    Bayfield is a special place on the shores of Lake Superior and acts as an entry point to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, the jewels of the lake.

  • Fishing Fleet Departs

    Charter fishing boatd from Duluth fan out across Lake Superior on a warm mid-July morning.

  • Lake Superior Evening

    A quit evening on Lake Superior at Canal Park in Duluth.

  • Looking Up!

    Sometimes when we look at life from a different perspective, things look better.

  • Along for the Ride

    A 2 day old baby loon relaxes on it's mothers back while his sister is tucked under the wings.

  • Hemgracht

    Waiting at anchor off Duluth Piers

  • Hemgracht

    Waiting at anchor off Duluth Piers

  • Marsgracht arriving Duluth

    Marsgracht arriving under the Duluth Lift Bridge with wind turbine parts.

  • Lake Ontario

    The first Saltie of the 2017 shipping season waits at anchor off the Duluth Piers.

  • Season Opener

    The Roger Blough sailed under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge to open the 2017 Shipping season.

  • Fire and Ice

    Caribou Lake Sunset

  • Mushing to a win!

    Ryan Anderson guides his dogs through the snow on the last few miles of the 370 mile Joh Beargease Sled Dog Marathon.

  • Ice Boat

    January shipping on the Great Lakes is dangerous and beautiful.

  • Cold Weather Departure

    The Algolake departs Duluth on a frigid (-20F) December morning with the sun rising through the sea smoke to welcome the ship back onto Lake Superior.

  • Fire Breathing Sunrise

    The Duluth Pier Lighthouses are enveloped with sea smoke as the sun tries to burn through the horizon on a -20F moring in Duluth.

  • Fire and Ice

    December Sunrises are stunning displays of God's creations. What better time view it then below zero on the shores of Lake Superior.

  • Golden Lights

    With the water of Lake Superior still at at relatively wam 40F, Sea Smoke boils up into the first artic blast of the year in Duluth.

  • A Touch of Splash!

    With a pounding Northeaster rolling 15ft waves across Lake Superior, the North Pier Lighthouse took another pounding.

  • Super Moon

    This months Super Moon rises from behind the South Pier Lighthouse and appears 16% larger than normal full moons. An awsom sight to behold on a warm November evening.

  • October Sunset - Caribou Lake

    Days are getting shorter and the leaves are gone, but the good thing is, that sunsets are getting longer.

  • Sunrise Freighter

    The freighter Cornelia waits at anchor to load grain in Duluth.

  • Oberg Mountain

    Autumn is breaking out all over the Northland and Oberg Mountain is a perfect place to view the wonders of creation.

  • Lutsen Resort

    Located near Tofte MN, Lutsen Resort os a special place to many people.

  • Loon Mama!

    With 3 eggs on her nest, this loon takes a short break for supper.

  • Three Loon Eggs

    With the mother near by, three babies wait in the shells. Unusual to see three loon eggs in one nest.

  • On the Nest!

    With three eggs under her, this loon will soon be busy.

  • Aurora Borialis

    A passing solar storm triggered the Northern Lights into a midnight light show.

  • Surf's Up!

    An April Noreaster stirs up Lake Superior into a powerful display wind and waves.

  • Walk on the Wild Side!

    A stoll on the Duluth Lakewalk during a stron Noreaster can be refreshing and wet.

  • Gooseberry Upper Falls

    Gooseberry Falls State Park located 20 miles norther of Two Harbors is one of those must see places too visit in April.

  • Leafy Snow

    With January now upon us, the oaks and maples are letting go of their final leaves. Soon the leaves will decompose and provide rich fertilizer for the new growth in the springtime.

  • Snow Crystal

    Passing snow showers produce amazing snowflakes and although most shatter when they hit the ground, it is amazing to see them up close.

  • Deep Winter

    With lake ice thickening and long lasting sunsets upon us, the beauty of winter is revealed.

  • Cornelia

    The sun rises over the freighter Cornelia on a warm December moring in Duluth.

  • Split Rock Lighthouse

    Nov. 10 Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial

  • Tripple Duty

    Lined up and ready to transport wind turbine blades from Duluth to Western North Dakota, this massive endeavor was preparing to roll across the states.

  • Embeded in Autumn

    Nestled in the trees of East Duluth, the Glensheen Historic Estate is the most visited historic home in Minnesota. Located on the shore of Lake Superior, the famous 39-room mansion built with remarkable 20th century craftsmanship. An aerial perspective, gives a feeling of just how majestic the estate truely is.

  • Hot Air, Cool Night

    September brings longer nights to the Northland and there is nothing like a Hot Air Balloon Festival to keep you wam in Duluth.

  • Though the Light

    With the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge lit in teal color to bring attention to ovarian cancer, a laker arrives for another load of taconite.

  • Moonlight Madness

    The Full Moon beams through Duluth's North Pier Lighthouse Lantern Room on a hot summer night in Duluth.

  • Fourth Fest and Harbor Lights

    Fireworks blast the eardrums while small boats dot the harbor during the 4th of July Fireworks in Duluth.

  • Summer Arrival

    The 1000ft Paul R Tregurtha arrives in Duluth while my drone catches an elevated view from Bayfront Park. Summer evenings around the harbor a special times that create memories for all.

  • The Great Loon Cover-up

    A pair of day old baby loon chicks nestle under the protective cover of it's mothers wing as the nesting pair has finally been able to move from the nest.

  • Duluth Lakewalk Panorama

    While the Lakewalk is wonderful to visit anytime, the early morning hours of summer are the best. Cool breezes of Lake Superior, sound of the local gulls and soft light to ease into the day. This image is a composition of nine images taken with a photo drone.

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