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Photography of Duluth and the Western Lake Superior Region

Common Loons on Caribou Lake
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By: Dennis O'Hara
Western Lake Superior Region
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Virtual Visit to the Northland

Take your time and relax as you browse through the enclosed galleries that showcase the wonderful scenery from around the Arrowhead Region.Lakes Superior Sunrises, lighthouses, loons, bridges and ships are all part of what makes Duluth such a fantastic place to photograph and visit, either virtually or physically.As a native Duluthian, I have a lifetime of images that depict the beauty and activity in and around Duluth. Enjoy your visit and come back for more scenery when you need a "virtual" break.

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Years of providing photography services to utilities, State of Minnesota, DNR, hotels, publishers and other businesses, has proved quality and reliability or the past 25 years.

Showy Lady Slipper

The Bottom Line

Photography - Photography is the process of capturing images produced by light. The phenomenon of light capture becomes an art-form in itself that includes meteorology, astronomy, geography, and computer operations including digital capture, storage, and printing. The human brain is an incredible organ; each image can trigger our minds eye to rerun stored memories such as sunrises on the ocean, and family events with incredible accuracy. You can return to the same place many times with each image being different, depending on the light.

Creation - Through the years, I have come to realize that God made nature to reveal himself to us. Whether you are enjoying a summer sunset, focusing on a lovely wildflower or hiking through a forest dressed in autumn colors, you cannot help but be awed by God's creation. O LORD, our Lord, Your majestic name fills the earth! Your glory is higher than the heavens...

"When I look at the night sky and see the work of Your fingers the moon and the stars You set in place what are mere mortals that You should think about them, human beings that You should care for them? " Psalm 8

Contact: Dennis O'Hara: email - Northern Images address: 5431 Shady Lane, Duluth, MN 55811-- phone: 218 310-7805

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